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Virtual reality is finally available on YouTube


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Nowadays, it seems like virtual reality is trying to reach every corner of our digital experiences and of course, YouTube wasn´t going to fall behind especially now that the Daydream technology is finally available for Android. Now, you can enjoy VR apps if you have a cardboard that will give you a deeper surfing experience.

YouTube VR is a virtual reality adaptation of the Smartphone app that lets you surf through your list of videos, favorites, comments and recommendations in a 360 degree view. The best part is that you can watch ´traditional´ videos in squared area but the multi directional videos react to the movement and orientation of your head. So, these immersive videos add another dimension when you are watching them.

Also, this experience becomes even more fascinating with its surround sound. By modifying the audio´s real time you can listen depending on where you are looking and the distance of the emission point.

Android 5.0 or greater is required

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